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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 30, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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mation making the studio is aglow for an important message, tonight night 11:00 we would love to ring in the new year for you, see you then, and in the meantime, here is trace with "studio b." >>trace: happy new year. the world will be watching. the the news begins anew. on "studio b" today. not long until iowa voters have their say in the first major event of the presidential nomination. but many do not know who they will pick. verizon will charge some customers $2 to pay their own cell phone and they are being investigated. the national 9/11 museum set to open next september but the mayor of new york says there is no chance of that happening.
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that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. >> but, first, from fox at 3:00, the reagan for president in iowa is shill stuffing just -- shifting four days out from the first presidential contest and appears to be a two-man race between romney and ron paul, with a few spoilers including santorum picking up momentum. >> iowans and now subsequently new hampshire people will move in our direction, just what happened in iowa. >> the late rally comes as gingrich continues to slip in the polls. a new nbc poll has him in 5th place. romney and ron paul at the top followed by santorum and the texas governor rick perry. little more than a month ago santorum was in single digits and gingrich was in the lead.
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the former speaker blames the wave of attack ads targeting him over the past month. >> 45 percent of all the ads run in iowa have been attacks on me so you have had, i don't, $8 million or $9 million attacks in a small stated. they take a toll. >>trace: they v the latest frontrunners taking advantage of that before iowans have their say this coming tuesday, and karl is live in ames, iowa. romney is now back on top? >>carl: you can see it on the ground. we were in des moines where romney had an event at 8:00, and it was 35 or 36 and raining. 500 to 1,000 people showed up in a shopping center parking lot in order to have a rally and mr. romney brought along celebrity of the g.o.p. to sort of rally the crowd and he
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offered up a sopranos incentive to get out on tuesday night. listen. >> you don't dough what you are supposed to do on tuesday for mitt romney i will be back, jersey style, people, i will be back. all if you can get out here in this cold, wind and rain coming done you can get out our tuesday night and bring a few people with you. >> romney and new jersey governor chris christie. romney, prior to the current last week sprint across iowa only had been to the state eight times in the entire last year of campaigning. it doesn't seem to have hurt although others have been retailing harder. romney seems to suggest he thinks he can win but he will not say that. >>trace: go back and look at polls the past week and santorum has seen a rapid turn around. is this his moment?
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>>carl: we are standing here in ames, iowa, the home of iowa state university cyclones and they are playing, today, in yankee stadium against rutgers, and santorum will come to the sports bar in a little while to join folks in the hometown of ames, iowa, and have a chicken wing but it is about rallying the caucus goers and he has had a tremendous amount of support from social conservatives in the last 48 hours but christian conservatives make up half of the iowa caucus turn out they have not been able to coalesce around a single candidate but last week the absence of a single candidate has allowed individual leaders of the christian networks to pick their favorites. a lost them are going with santorum. when he comes here today he will bring a huge crowd with him. santorum is poised to be the come-from-behind candidate of
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2012, toiling in obscurity for the last year and complained about the lack of attention, and that is over and now he has to figure out how to build an organization nationwide because if he does exceed expectations and coming out with momentum, even if he does not make first or second santorum will be a big part of the flavor of the week headed into new hampshire a week after the iowa caucus a week from now and then two weeks from new hampshire. >>trace: but momentum fades quickly and now, live from ames, iowa, and james, from a think tank, with commentators featured in the "washington post" and "los angeles times" and u.s. news and world report. this is fascinating, still december and look at the changes. this is back on december 1, lock
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at numbers, here, gingrich is up there 24 percent and back there, that is santorum and now, december 10, and gingrich is surging. he is up at 31 percent. and romney is at 17 percent. santorum at 5.5 percent. now, today, look at the numbers now, romney at 21.6 percent and ron paul right there with him, and santorum is in the middle and look how much gingrich has fallen off. this is stunning. how can you not love the shift? >> we can talk about gingrich and he is ready. he has a reputation of the motivational speaker, on a steady diet not living by the
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river but he had a climate change chat with nancy pelosi and santorum is peeking at the right time when people are too late to do anything about it. >>carl: but people in iowa can go in a room on tuesday and this could change, again, on a dime. >>guest: no doubt, and caucuses are not primaries, and a lot of people forget that. caucuses are public meetings where anyone, not anyone but people get up and speak publicly about the candidates they favor so it is possible for iowans to change their mind and make up their mind at the last meant not to mention because of the wishes -- quirks of the process, independents and democrats can sign up and have their say. >>trace: and you have to think romney would rather have ron paul do well rather than santorum because many do not believe ron paul could win and
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if you are romney you think better ron paul than gingrich. >>guest: absolutely. ron paul showed 41 percent of republicans saying he was unacceptable nominee for their party. that is compared to 21 percent of republicans would said the same thing about romney. so, ron paul probably will do very well in iowa and he could still win iowa but for paul supporters, who are very organized, it does not mean he will go on to win the entire thing. >>trace: and romney is now in it to win because he has been playing softball and now he is "it." >>guest: and i have a family in iowa i am friends with they fine amendment decided -- finally decided to call after his third personal call. he is well organized to target the voters and he is all in. >>trace: james, thank you, sir. we should note that shep will be live in iowa for the caucuses
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next week starting on monday with complete coverage from des moines for the first presidential contest in the nation with context and perspective you will not find anywhere else and tuesday night we are all over the iowa caucuses as the results come in and it begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern, right here on the fox news channel. the new york city mayor bloomberg says that this is no chance the national september 11th museum at the world trade center will open on time, home to a memorial and a museum is in progress. the memorial open to the public on september 12 with two giant pools surrounded by the names of the victims. officials say the site draws about 10,000 visitor as day which puts it on faith to exceed the 3.5 million who visit the statue of liberty and was set to open next september 12th on the 11th year remembrance of 9/11 but the mayor says money
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problems will not let that happen. david lee miller is live in new york city. david lee, how much money are we talking a bout? $300 million. right now if you want to look at the museum we went to it underground looking at an animate graphic to see what it will look like. the port authority of new york and new jersey which own the world trade center say that the museum foundation owes the money the $300 million for infrastructure work and a spokesman for the port authority said in a statement and i quote, "this is an issue that has been present for years and the port authority is actively negotiating with the appropriate parties." but right now work is halted. and in limbo. as are all the items to be placed in the museum which are now in storage. >>trace: and the museum
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foundation? >>reporter: the foundation is pointing its finger at the port authority and the port authority of new york and new jersey for causing the problem and says that it is owed $140 million for project delays. and new york city mayor blomberg is the foundation's chairman and he says the organization has done everything it was supposed to do. listen. >> the foundation believes that we have fulfilled all obligations. the port authority has to spend the money to do the infrastructure they had agreed to and we can get documentation to that. >>reporter: making this conflict especially interesting, momberg, an independent, the mayor of the city of new york, representing the museum foundation. on the other side of the equation you have the port authority of new york and new jersey controlled by new york state democratic governor cuomo and new jersey's republican governor chris christie. so it is an interesting conflict and everyone agrees it is going
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to be resolved but no one quite know how and how long it could take. >>trace: thank you, david lee miller. last year, markets have dealt with everything from earthquakes to huge debt worries and we ended up where we started. gerri willis will tell us what it means and what to expect. someone set a dozen fires in a few hours in hollywood and any of them could have been deadly very quickly.
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>>trace: wall street wrapping up a wild year with the downgrade and high stake fights on capitol hill over our own deficit. all weighing on the market. but despite all of that, the dow expected to end the year up roughly 6 percent.
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as you can see in the chart the index is higher now than it was in 2009. and it is close to pre-recession levels and if you look at corner of wall and broad the dow is down 51 points. not horrible rising 100 points yesterday on positive news of jobs and home sales. and now, gerri willis' two cents. what is moving the markets? >>guest: we have europe. always europe. the stocks in new york, here, are moving on news from italy they are having trouble selling bonds. we have heard that step before. you mention the dow was up significantly on the year, the s&p 500 close to flat, up .4 percent and the index that did super well was the volatility index, measuring how much stocks go up and down. there has been a lot of that. up 30 percent. >>trace: and verizon will
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charge customers for $2 for bill payments. >>guest: consumers have 91 million customers and they are up in remain as they have to pay a fee to make their payment on time, $2, if you make your payment by telephone or if you use your credit card to pay online, and i want to show you what people are saying on the streets of new york. >> it is ridiculous. if you want us to pay on time, don't charge us to do it. they are charging late fees and now to pay on time? >> i wouldn't change because of a fee. just dissatisfied in general. >> i would consider switching services. i will write a letter like i did for bank of america considering charging fees and i wrote a letter and changed banks. and they decided in the to charge fees, i didn't change but i wrote a letter and i would do the same with verizon. >>gerri: consumers are making the complaints and sending
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letters and we hear them on twitter and seeing their e-mails, and people are incensed and there is bet that verizon could dump that fee before january 15th. >>trace: go, consumers. you can see jeffrey each night at 5:00 p.m. on fox business news, if you don't have fox business, demand it. investigators in los angeles searching for a serial arsonist after someone torched a dozen cars over a four--hour period. some amazing video to show you of crews battling the intense blames. officials say that some of the fires spread to homes and apartments forcing file fighters to evacuate the buildings and the blames knocked out some power in places. >> it was a long, tough night, we are going to be preparing through the night, preparing with our brothers and sisters with los angeles county sheriff
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and preparing for what could be coming tonight. >>trace: now they are looking at possible connections to other mysterious fires in the hollywood area. and now, casey is with us live. any idea who could be behind this? report very they have no loads. officials calling on members of the public for help asking them to phone in any type of suspicious activity they may have seen during these hours and officials tell us they are checking surveillance video at nearby buildings to see if the images yield some clues here. a total of 19 fires breaking out in the overnight hours and this is a four square mile in hollywood and neighboring west hollywood. witnesses describing it as a towering inferno. you can see from the dramatic pictures the fires starting in parked cars and racing to nearby homes and apartment buildings forcing people out in the middle of the night. >> i felt so bad because i was, like, that's my house, my home,
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i could have die the, you know, live could have been lost. and the people who are doing this need to stop. what is wrong with them? it is terrible. >> one of the homes damaged was where former door's front man jim morrison lived, and spread to a multimillion dollar home in hollywood hills but the house was not a total loss. normally the los angeles fire department has two arson teams working, two additional teams have been brought in, a total of four, to try and figure out who is responsible. >>trace: the crazy thing, really, this is in the first set of fires this week. >> late wednesday and early thursday morning, four other fires were reported in the same area and they destroyed cars and damaged two different apartment buildings doing about $100,000 total in damage, and the arson unit tells us that two people
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are in custody, and their names, and mug shots are not released and they trying to figure out if there is a connection between those suspects and the overnight fires last night. no motive has been named, either, trace. >>trace: federal judges making a decision that could affect a controversial government program. up next, what the court has to say about the feds tapping phones without warrants. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. ed
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>>trace: and verizon wireless and we just talked about with, about the $2 fee they would charge you for paying your bill online, well, consumer pressure online and in their face, verizon wireless has dropped, dropped any talk of the $2 fee announcing it will not be in consideration and they were hoping to get that implemented next year but now it looks like it is not going to happen, at all. more on that as it comes in to "studio b" today. and the federal appeals court issuing a major ruling connected to the alleged warrantless wiretapping of americans, the 9 the circuit court of appeals ruling that residential phone discuss -- customers can sue the government for violation of privacy authorized by the bush administration. the obama administration said defending this jeopardizes national security and a couple of major cases are back on but the same court also ruled that
12:25 pm
people cannot sue telecom companies that helped the government with the wiretapping. and now to our legal panel, kings county new york prosecutor and human rights tone, the author of "law fair," the war against free speech. the feds say if this goes to trial there will be jets revealed that could hurt national security. do you buy that? >>guest: no, i think the federal court decision to allow this to go to trial is the perfect decision. dragnetting, which is the collection of hundreds of thousands if not millions of private electronic communications including e-mail, and cell phones and determining after the fact whether they are related to a national security threat is exactly the type of behavior that is completely outlawed by the fourth amendment of the united states constitution. >>trace: it doesn't like that is going further because the 9th associate court is liberal leaning and these were three
12:26 pm
democratically appointed judges, a three-judge panel and this, really, doesn't appear to be going any further? >>guest: i don't think so. this is going to be taken out, ultimately and not be included in the 4th amendment because we are talking about our national security interests and they are trying to thwart terrorist activity before it happens, before it is too late and now they say if you take the cases interest court you have to look at the greater good which is why they have been trying to evoke the state secret privileges. of course things are going to come out that is privileged, sensitive communications related to our national security and i can believe when this goes to the supreme court they will not ultimately throw it out. >>trace: don't you fine it spooky the feds with eve drop and the information can be held >>guest: of course. a little bit spooky but i hope and pray we all trust in our government if these type of
12:27 pm
circumstances. when we see what terrorists have done, talk about 9/11 or mcveigh, whether it is national or outside our borders that is what we are talking about now talking about our every day existence where our constitutional rights should and need to apply so we have to trust in our government. when it is shown they have gone too far and this was stopped because it was deemed "not necessary," but at that time it was held necessary which is why it happened and it has to stand. >>trace: i got the feeling, brook, you don't trust? >>guest: i disagree. there has to be some sort of limit on government. if the government took key individuals and said these individuals are suspected of engaging in terrorist activity, and for a short period of time they did not obtain a warrant, that is an argument i think would hold up. but to collect hundreds of thousands of e-mails is totally in violation of the first amendment of the constitution, and the u.s. supreme court in a
12:28 pm
monumental decision, they said that american citizens have an absolutely reasonable expectation of privacy in electronic communications. >>trace: thank you both, ladies. the republican hopefuls are going after a key group of voters in iowa. why this year it is providing easier said than done situation? that is ahead. [ male announcer ] how do you trade? with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor,
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>>trace: this is "studio b" and our top stories at bottom of the hour, the g.o.p. presidential hopefuls spending yet another day stumping across the state of iowa trying to pick up support ahead of tuesday's caucuses. one group that could be key to winning the state is conservative evangelicals and there is evidence that many of them are still very much undecided. steve brown has more like in des moines. mike huckabee got the evangelical vote last election but this time around they have not rallied around a certain candidate. >>reporter: well, no, and the challenge has been, if you talk to evangelicals, trying to sort through the differences between the candidates because by and large the republican field is
12:32 pm
viewed as consistently, conservative, so they are taking to hard the rule to measure twice and cut once. >> iowa voters, christian voters are intellectual, very savvy, and they vet their candidates. what they are looking at, people say you talk about core value issues they are hiring someone to be past. we want to know if they can trust them. >>reporter: if you are pro life and pro traditional life, and absolutely, they will look at the rest of it but a lot of the examination is on those two topics. >>trace: sounds like some of the evangelicals wish huckabee was still in the race. >>guest: well, there are. there are. there are, in fact, yes, several of them.
12:33 pm
and every few week over the course of the year although huckabee said he was not running, i would get an e-mail from my friend saying here is a scenario where he could come in and win the election and i would say he is not running although that is nice. they had his heart coming back and only until recently did they grasp they would have to pick another candidate and settle on one. >>trace: thank you, steve. did you ever wonder how the candidates cover so much ground? nearly all of them have a bus. here is michele bachmann, with her. pretty cool, wrapping up a 99-county tour of iowa, making up to ten stops a day. and former speaker gingrich, just kicked off his iowa bus tour on tuesday, but not all of the candidates roll the same way. rick santorum was the first to visit all 99 counties in iowa
12:34 pm
and at times he traveled by himself in his own dodge ram pickup, like the one you see right there. and there is the former massachusetts governor romney, and he often used a 30-seat charter plane for staff and press. and his wife calls it "hair force i," and huntsman is the only candidate who is not campaigning in iowa and touring all of new hampshire's county in rented s.u.v.'s or minivans. we are now getting word that the white house could be considering whether do release gitmo detain hes to restart talks with the taliban. among the possible candidates in the prisoner swap is a top taliban commander, u.s. officials say was in charge of thousands of militants and led mass killings of shiite muslims in afghanistan before 2001 but karzai opposes any plans to release the prisoners. and u.s. officials have said
12:35 pm
afghanistan's cooperation is vital to any peace agreement. and now jennifer is like at the pentagon. who is pushing for this reconciliation with the taliban? >>reporter: essentially the white house, it is not coming from the military. vice president joe body were said in recent days that the taliban are thought our enemy. that raised certain eyebrows at pentagon. fm news has confirmed part of the reconciliation deal that the white house is considering would be the release of taliban commander and half a dozen top taliban commanders, who are among the first prisoners at gitmo, captured shortly after 9/11 when u.s. forces teamed up with the northern alliance to overthrow the taliban. and he is considered a high risk detainees the deputy defense chief and is wanted for murder of thousands of afghan shiite muslims between 1998 and 2001 as the taliban commander. trace? >>trace: what about the
12:36 pm
reaction from the pentagon and the intelligence community? >>reporter: they are remaining tightlipped because this initiative is coming from the president. but, pentagon spokesman george little said and i quote, "the united states continues to support an afghanistan led process of reconciliation that ends the insubject answer and we and the afghan government have been cleared about the conditions that need to be met and insurgents need to be break from al qaeda and abide by the afghanistan constitution." but the deal is getting attention on cap could because he was captured ne prison where riot broke out in november of 2001 and c.i.a. operative was killed, the first u.s. casualty of the war. he is a legend this these halls at the pentagon. president karzai not happy about the way the reconciliation talks are going, and, in fact, he put an end to the talks recently when he heard that the u.s. was
12:37 pm
pushing qatar to allow the taliban to open an office there. trace? >>trace: thank you, jennifer, and now we will bring in the senior fellow at brookings institution a nonpartisan think tank and an experts on u.s. defense strategy and homeland security and a lot of the experts, michael, believe that a peace dole is a long shot and many of them would rather keep on fighting. >>guest: right. well, you know, you have to be open to the possibility of a peace deal, but you have to ask questions does this kind of release appropriately come at going or the end? this is a bad guy. and we may be willing to, you know, let him go as part of an ultimate deal if there are other good faith measures we can verify by the taliban, but as a go faith building gesture, you have to raise eyebrows because you have to worry will the taliban interpret this as a sign of weakness we are so desperate for a deal because we are tired of fighting and hurrying to get our troops home we make any and
12:38 pm
all koch -- compromises. you have to go in to a peace talk with the taliban, with very low specifications. you will not get him to change his stripes and the real area for hope is not at the top level at the core enneither circle of the afghanistan toll -- taliban. >>trace: what would the ultimate deal include to say now it is a good move? >>guest: fair question. the taliban has to give up heavy weapons, verifiable step. and another things you have to see them in some of the hole areas where they could be willing to come back you have to see them accept government oversight of their militia. it doesn't mean the militia has
12:39 pm
to total hi disband and give up their small weapons but they have to allow an ongoing verification process and they are not massing for battle or trying to reclaim large weapons. obviously, you have to see omar endorse president karzai as president, and, then implicitly stop recruiting new insurgents to join his cause to overthrow karzai. those are the things i would expect in any kind of an ultimate peace deal and until you get there, i would be nervous about making too many friendly gestures because the taliban think they are winning the war or holding their own as we prepare to leave in the next two or three years. >>trace: and what about the agreement, maybe cutting ties with al qaeda altogether? it is tough to enforce but the follow-up question is, karzai and the peace negotiations go on does this undermine his authority as the president of afghanistan? >>guest: well, you have to do
12:40 pm
it with karzai and with the other key leaders, including the leaders in the north who are wary of karzai or a deal with him. >>trace: thank you, michael. happy new year. good of you. >>guest: happy new year to you. >>trace: in syria hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets in what could be the biggest protest that country has seen in months. we are told it is a show of defiance against the regime taking place in front of abe league peace observers. this is amateur video said to show an explosion in the cap it will city of damascus, and we are seeing more video which activists claim show security forces shooting protesters and the activists say at least 22 people died in the fighting today but question not indepedently confirm any of it because syria's government bans
12:41 pm
foreign journalists. >> police in california say they will be cracking down on distracted driving but how can they tell if someone is distracted or a cell phone or changing the radio? is it illegal to eat a sandwich behind the wheel? [ male announcer ] you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity. turning your life upside down in a matter of seconds. hi. hi. you know i can save you 15% today
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>>trace: more american colleges are creating programs to help veterans according to the american council on education and other groups, 70 percent of public colleges they surveyed and 60 percent of private institutions increased their veterans specific programming from 2001 to 2009, and, now, thousands of veterans are taking advantage of the most generous veterans assist answer benefits since world war ii. california is starting a new program. >>guest: and it sounds interesting is, a joint venture between the california department of veterans affairs and the community college system to make it easier for veterans to go to college so when troops return home, and they are ready to leave the service all they have to do is sign a reintegration form on the veterans affairs website getting them all kinds of information about the community colleges close toast their zip code, enrollment assistance and how to use the game bill to pay for
12:45 pm
their education. >> i was last at first and afraid, i wanted to go to school but just did not know how to even take the first step in applying for a school. >> the program is designed to give guidance to veterans just like that, and california is the first state to try out the program. >>trace: what kind of environment do veterans come home to? >>guest: tough. the economy is bad and for veterans the unemployment is higher, for men 11 percent, and for women 14.7 percents and some veterans say after devoting several years to defending the nation they come back to the united states only to find themselves behind the eight ball, and this program removes that uncertainty and red tape and gives veterans a smoother path to get a degree. consider each year, 30,000 men and women return home to california from service to civilian life. it would be great if those folk could have an easy pass to college. >>trace: female veterans, 14.7
12:46 pm
percent unemployment. >>guest: yes. trace tray the crackdown on distracted driving is not just focusing on cell phone users and texting. the california highway patrol now on the look out for people eating, or reading while driving. putting on makeup is also off limits, but the thing is, the laws are not that specific so it depends on what constitutes "distracted" driving and "wanton disregard for persons' safety." that can be left wide open. and now back to our legal department. come on, if i'm driving down the road i am change my radio or turning on the heat, am i really a distracted driver? >>guest: you know, it sounds far fested but take a step back. i have been negotiating chinese takeout while i am on the road and i am not paying attention the same way when i am just
12:47 pm
focused with both hands on the wheel. so, what is the difference what you are looking at a text on your cell phone, speaking on your cell phone or whether you are negotiating the sandwich from the wrapper? it is a question of degree and what we have to keep in mind, over the weekend they want to collect data and use the laws they have in place to do that to kind of see if they need to make this a broader, bigger policy. >> and i get it, the test period but the fines are $145 to $1,000, and you could be mentally distracted, right, going through a divorce, a breakup, mentally distracted, i get the goes that are texting, they are annoying because they are looking down and driving, but, you know, this is a very vague topic. >>guest: and if you can't chew and drive then you sunday be driving in the first place and while i agree it is reasonable to pull one over for talking on the phone because that is distracting or if they are reading a magazine because it is
12:48 pm
visually distracting, appeasers legislation that gives police such unfedder discretion to pull someone over, i think, that should not be in place. it is totally unenforceable. how is a police officer supposed to determine between someone who is chewing a piece of gum and someone who is chewing a sandwich. what is next? you cannot have a coffee on the commute? or drink water? and there is only one obvious result: it is going to clog the court system. people will be challenging the tickets and it will waste taxpayer money. it is unreason am totally. >>trace: she sounds like. you go do court and the court ticketed you for texting and you say you were looking at the radio, that is difficult to prove. >>guest: it is a slippery slope but that is what the courts are for. should you really be applying a second and third coat of makeup on your eyes? thousands of people do die each year because people are focusing on other things. so, while i do agree that there
12:49 pm
are so many -- it is a question of degree. i don't mind at all that they are testing the waters to try to make the decision. >>guest: they should enact specifically in the law what you can and what you cannot do. legislation that says a police can tell you over because you are doing something that is "distracting," is way too much unfettered discretion. >>trace: you are at a stoplight and it is green, quit texting and move so everyone can move behind you. ladies, good conversation, thank you both and happy new year. doctors in one state say a man is in critical condition with the first case of rabies. in more than half a century. wait until you hear how he got it. we are like with the doctor on that.
12:50 pm
the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>trace: doctors in massachusetts reporting the first case of rabies caught in that state in 76 years, a man is now in critical condition and it is likely a bat bit him in his home. rabies is now a very rare disease but almost always kills. in fact, this is just the sixth case this year in the united states. and the five other victims all died. doctors say most people get treatment after getting bitten. but, massachusetts officials say the patient probably did not know the bat had even bitten him. with us now is doctor garner, the chairman of radiology at new york methodist hospital. doctor, i was surprised by this because i thought that rabies was kind of like polio and we had eradicated it. >>guest: vaccinating dogs we have done a good job but some
12:54 pm
animals -- bats, but not squirrels, raccoons, foxes, and coyotes, and number one in new york state is cats. >>trace: ferrell cats? >>guest: the cat next door who is bit by a rabid raccoon. the sad thing is this is 100 percent curable if you get treatment fast enough. if you wait, it is 100 percent fatal. >>trace: i don't get where the guy didn't know. is it that soft? that small of an animal in how would you not know? >>guest: they have fine teeth so you do not know you are bitten and the bat urinates, and if you an open wound it will get right in. association for example, if your children are sleeping in a room and you see a bat fly out they have to get vaccinated whether
12:55 pm
you see any sign because there is no way to tell unless you can capture the bat and test the bat for rabies. >>trace: remember the stories of rabies vaccination, is it still like that, still very painful >>guest: you get it in the muscle and the legs and amendments and six shots, two specialized white cell killer that kill the virus, and then vaccine so it is much less painful, and not an emergency to run and get it you can wait a week and have the animal tested or watched and you do not have to kill the dog you can observe the animal. and a u.s. soldier, a very sad case, in afghanistan, was breaking up a dog fight and bitten and died in the united states when he came back home a few months later. >>trace: dr. garner, happy new year. >>guest: nice to see you, trace. >>trace: as if you needed a reason not to go through the
12:56 pm
drive through, naked. that is coming up. plus a preview of the big new year's party in times square. preparations for the big event are next.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
>>trace: in 24 hours an estimated one million people pack into times square to ring in the new year. and now a live look at times square and a lot of security ahead of the big night. and in the middle of it all you
12:59 pm
will find megyn and bill they will host this year's all american new year, and i love sitting out there and watching them freezing, on fox news channel at 11:00 p.m. on new year's eve. it should be great. there are plenty of reasons why you should not pull up to mcdonald's drive through without clothes on. hot coffee comes to mind. and you could be arrested. police in illinois say a 19-year-old and a 21-year-old woman went to the drive through. at a local mcdonald's, completely naked. an employee saw the couple and called the cops. when the comes arrived they say the man was bent over the driver's seat trying to put on a pair of pants and the woman was covered up in a blanket. police arrested the pair for public indecency and they reportedly told the cops the stunt "wasn't a great


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